About Us

HEDBOX is a global technology company that manufactures and designs high-performance batteries, chargers, and accessories for the professional photo and video market. The business was founded in 2009, and has established a strong sales network and international operations. With R&D (research & developing) department located in Switzerland – Europe, Hedbox team has an innovative approach to battery and power management product design.
With established distribution centers in Europe-Sencur, USA-Las Vegas, Middle East-Dubai, and China-Hong Kong, the company has organized fast and secure delivery of its products to customers around the world.

HEDBOX offers customers a highly versatile and affordable battery solution that not only powers the camera but can simultaneously power an external monitor/recorder, a light panel, and USB connected device from a single camera-mounted pack. Other Hedbox products featuring innovative technology include their Power Bank combining charging and UPS capabilities. Available with dual V-Mount battery mounts, the device provides simultaneous battery charging and a constant power supply. New Professional V-Lock battery pack NERO with revolutionary Cells Framing Construction System provides extra security and stability to the inner battery cells. Compared to all the other Battery Brands this new advanced system not only makes the NERO batteries much safer for daily professional use but also for transportation.

Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and experience in precise production and product quality, gained by working with the camera and video peripheral manufacturers, gives Hedbox a distinctive advantage in working with power consumption devices. The unique Hedbox design approach, coupled with features that customers have yearned for, leads to an outstanding product range of professional power solutions.

As a leader in battery and power management solutions for creative users in the media and entertainment industry, Hedbox’s product line-up includes DV Battery, Pro Battery, Chargers, and V-Lock Battery Plates. With support from all of the major camera manufacturers and leading peripheral brands.

In Hedbox , we are all personally committed to deliver the very best. That is why our brand is one of the best comparing to other Premium Battery Brands.