NEW on the World Video & Photo market
Revolutionary Low Capacity Smart Alarm (LCA)
Patent Pending

The HEDBOX Research and Development Team is excited to introduce a groundbreaking innovation to the worldwide Video & Photo market.
This state-of-the-art continuous monitoring Smart alarm is precisely engineered to notify users of low battery capacity.
With a pending patent, our IDR Emergency ALARM is engineered to activate when the battery capacity level drops below 20%.
It triggers a distinctive and easily visible flashing IDR Ring in silent mode (no buzzer).
This exclusive feature prompts the battery operator, signaling that the battery has fallen below the 20% capacity threshold.
Upon pressing the IDR Button, the user verifies the low capacity, and the OLED Display indicates the current battery status.

This fully automated smart feature empowers battery operators to use the battery power confidently, free from concerns about unexpected depletion.



Identificational Display Ring (IDR)

As a breakthrough in our product development, the Hedbox Research and Development Team has designed a unique system for visual tracking of battery status.
The introduction of a Identificational Display Ring (IDR) represents an innovative feature that offers a simple way to convey different battery conditions to battery operator.
In addition to its blinking RED and GREEN lights, the ring also has the ability to provide constant illumination in specific colors.
For example, during the charging phase, the IDR blinks red, transitioning to a steady green glow once fully charged,indicating readiness for use.
If an alarm or notification indicates suboptimal operating conditions, the Identificational Display Ring (IDR) will flash Red

Upon pressing the button situated in the middle of the IDR, responsible for managing the battery status display on the OLED screen,
the IDR will illuminate in accordance with the color and mode corresponding to the current state presented on the OLED screen.



Introducing QR Serial Number
Product Sticker

Get ready for an exciting upgrade in 2024!
We’re introducing our new signature touch – an interactive QR Holo Security Serial Number sticker on every Hedbox product.
Crafted in collaboration with a prestigious Swiss company, , this sticker is a symbol of innovation, ensuring foolproof protection for our products.
It’s not just a sticker; it’s a guardian of authenticity. Step into a world where holographic wonders meet cutting-edge tech.
The sticker reveals a QR code, allowing you to easily authenticate your product. It’s not just verification; it’s an immersive experience for our valued customers.

For those seeking additional benefits, especially in terms of product warranty, users can effortlessly register their products in the central database of Hedbox products.
This streamlined process enables quick and simple registration, enhancing customer engagement and providing access to extended warranty perks.

This initiative QR Sticker has several notable advantages:
1. Product Authenticity:
The holographic protection and QR code provide a robust means for consumers to verify the authenticity of the product. This helps in building trust among customers, as they can easily confirm the legitimacy of their purchases.

2. User-Friendly Authentication:
The inclusion of a QR code makes the authentication process user-friendly and convenient. Customers can quickly scan the code using their smartphones to access information about the product’s authenticity.

3. Collaboration with a Renowned Swiss Company:
Partnering with a renowned Swiss company adds credibility to our product security measures. Swiss companies are often associated with precision and quality, which can further enhance the perceived value of our products.

4. Warranty Registration:
The option for customers to register their products in the central Hedbox database not only adds an extra layer of security but also provides an avenue for them to access additional benefits, such as extended warranties.

5. Central Database Management:
A centralized database for product registration allows for streamlined management for our products. This can facilitate better customer support, warranty claims, and product recalls if necessary.