PRO Power Banks


High Capacity 196Wh
Professional Power Bank Set

The Hedbox power bank set provides a continuous power supply to all units used in the studio and in the field. Using the Hedbox DC Power Cable RPC-DC4X4 XLR female to male (included in the kit) the set provides a constant DC power supply for video, audio, and lighting equipment with total independence of a regular AC power supply.

LED Display Screen

LED display provides a clear, accurate, and precise display of power status, charging status, battery channel status, and power bank mode. The displayed charging mode (Adapter UPS LED Light ON) provides a clear insight into which channel (CH1 or CH2) of the power bank mode is active. With a bright and intense light, the readout function is enabled in the dark.

Integrated locking support stand

The power bank unit is equipped with extra support stands making it easy to operate. The support stands to provide extra stability while charging only one battery.

2-ch Sequential Power Mode

The Hedbox power bank offers a 2-Ch sequential power mode. It allows operation with 1 or 2 batteries in the system. When using the 2 channel battery power bank, the system will first use the battery in channel 1 followed by the battery in channel 2 when the first is drained, providing a continuous power supply with no delay.

DC Out 16.5V / 4.5A

With a 4-pin XLR female connector on the front panel, the PROBANK system provides extra DC output for supplying constant power to external units like professional camcorders, video monitors, LED lights, and other professional broadcast products. Connected with specially designed Hedbox professional high flexibility power cable RPC-DC4X4-4pin XLR female to male (included in the box), the charger can be used as an AC-DC adaptor of DC 14.5V/4.5A, 75W output.

Charging Technology

Intelligent Charging Systems of POWERBANK integrate the control systems within the charger and the electronics within the battery to allow precision control over the charging process. As a safety precaution with high-capacity batteries, a pre-charging stage (trickle charge) is used. Constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charging mode is an effective way to charge lithium batteries.

It is used to charge the battery from 0% to 80% (RED light ON). When the battery is charged to 80%, impulse voltage charging (GREEN Light ON) takes over until the battery reaches 100%. The charger CPU automatically adjusts the charging current to be lower than the max charging current that the battery can accept. When the battery is fully charged, this state is stopped.

NERO-M - V-Mount Battery pack
NERO-L - V-Mount Battery pack
NERO-XL - V-Mount Battery pack
RPC-DC4X - DC Power Cable

Design made in Switzerland

With R&D (research & developing) department located in Switzerland – Europe, Hedbox team has an innovative approach to battery and power management product design.

Eco-Green Consistency

All materials used in HEDBOX Products meet the highest eco-green requirements. Actively protecting the environment and preserving the highest standards of environmental protection.

Worldwide Distribution

With established distribution centers in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the company has organized fast and secure delivery of its products to customers around the world.

IATA Transport Regulations

All HEDBOX warehouses around the world are trained and certified according to the latest IATA guidelines. This enables safe packaging and preparation for the transport of all our products worldwide via AIR Road and Sea.

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Tech specifications

Model :PROBANK-2S Power Bank Supply System
AC Power In : AC 110 – 240V , 50/60Hz
Battery Mount :V-Lock and V Mount Battery Plate
Power Consumption :Max 85W
Power Capacity 1 :6600mAh  / 98 Wh Single Chanel
Power Capacity 2 :13200mAh  / 196 Wh Dual Chanel
DC Power Out :DC 16.5V / 4.5A / 75W
Power Connection Out :4-Pin XLR
Battery Power Type :Li-Ion
Operating Temperature :–20°C to +45°C (–4°F to +113°F)
Dimensions (WxDxH) :124 x 114 x 445 mm
Weight :2.50 Kg
Charging Method :RP-DC100V use advance Constant Current and Impulse Voltage charging Methods


Supported products

ATOMOS Products
CANON Camcorders
JVC Camcorders
LED Lights
Panasonic Camcorders
Photo Cameras
PRO Batery Packs
Professional Cameras
SONY Camcorders
Sound Devices
Studio Cameras
Video Monitors
Video Recorders
Video Devices
Viewfinder Monitors

Package includes

Under the FAA, IATA, PHMSA and IMDG regulation, the PROBANK-2S is factory packed in a master Box. The batteries and power bank main unit/charger, are packed in separate cardboard box with internal shock resistance protection.  This kind of packaging makes it travel and transportation safe for the Sea, Air and Road.

  • 1 x RP-DC100V Pro Battery Charger
  • 1 x NERO S Pro Battery Packs
  • 1 x NERO S Pro Battery Packs
  • 1 x RPC-DC4X4 DC Power Supply Cable with 4pin XLR
  • 1 x 110V – 220V AC Power Cord ( Depends on the market the box consist AC Cord with AU-Plug, EUR-Plug, US-Plug or UK-Plug)
  • 1 x User Manual - (English)
  • 1 x 2 Year Limited Warranty for Chargers
  • 1 x 2 Year Limited Warranty for PRO Battery